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We will provide services to Fetch & Return your parcel

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Deliver your Product safely within 24 hours

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Deliver Anything from Point A to B in UAE, fastly!

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We will provide services to Fetch & Return your parcel

Easy to order

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We deliver your parcel on Scheduled date & on Scheduled point

About Us

We've made a promise, to keep up with your packed schedule.

We change the way you access the world from the plam of your hand. For all your needs from here to there, big and small, to pick or drop, We'll make it easy for you.

We pickup and drop anythings. The easy way to send and receive items in UAE.


That We Offer

International Miles

We provide, with reaching new customers and providers internationally is easier with an experience.


Safe. Secure. State of the art. Asia Fast has the perfect warehousing facility to store, manage, track and distribute.


Our facilities worldwide can store, stock, label, fulfill, and barcode several orders accurately and on time.

First Mile e

Our first-mile deliveries refer to the movement of products from supplier to a retailer, and shipper to the end customer.

Express / B2C

Express delivery is our fastest form of shipping on the customer demand to fulfill ther urgent needs.

Cash on Delivery

Customers have the option to pay by cash instead of the card at the time of delivery, make it easy to use.


Our parcel return service is an offering last-mile delivery services that can help you handle your return orders.

Last Mile

We directly pick up orders from our domestic client’s warehouse and deliver them to their customers.

How It's Work

Real Fast Delivery Straight To Your Door

We follow some steps to make the delivery more safe and fast from pickup to delivery

Pick up parcel

Send to warehouse

Assign to driver

Delivered to destination


We Deal With


we understand that fulfilment services for the Financial Industry require many special areas of expertise including fast goods receiving procedures.

Apply Online

Applying for courier services online is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to manage your deliveries. It has become a popular and convenient option for companies.

Docments Deliveries

Asia Fast is providing fast and reliable delivery of not only packages but also documents across the globe that is essential part of any delivery company.

Receive Goods

we are offering delivery services for groceries and other goods by network of independent contractors to make deliveries, often using their own personal vehicles.


E-commerce has grown at an outstanding pace within UAE. We recognize the need for specialized services and have started one stop shop fulfillment solution.

Charity Deliveries

We not only provide storage and fulfilment but many added value services. With fulfilment and call handling expertise, we offer a combination to manage charity campaigns.


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